Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Hand dyeing for socks

Ok so there are some really amazing hand dyed sock yarns out there but can it really be that hard to do? I have read the three part series in 'Simply Knitting' and I am armed with sachets of Kool aid surely this is something I can manage!

Oh it is also the night of the Eurovision song contest, 'Scooch' don't yet have any points and I am bored. I decide now is the time to get out the instructions for the hand dye kit I bought from DT crafts. I sit and patiently wind my balls into skeins and then tie them loosely.

Everyone else is off to bed, I go off to the microwave. I pick up a couple of drinks bottles and start to mix up the sachets, a yellow, a blue and a green. I lay the skeins in the tray and start to pour on the liquid trying to get some overlapp as I go. Then it is into the microwave for 4 mins.

After draining off the liquid and hanging in the bathroom to dry here are the skeins once finished. You can judge the results for yourself! A little neon. C loves it though and has requested a pair of socks.

They'll certainly see him coming!

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