Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Tagged on my first day!

I have been tagged by G!

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment to tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My 8 Random Things:
1. When I was little I managed to get a child's training toilet seat stuck on my head and my mum had to saw it off with a hack saw (the toilet seat obviously). This was to cries from me saying "Please mummy don't chop my head off." I was only about two and a half at the time.

2. As a child I used to drink OXO after swimming until my mum discovered that it gave me nightmares. The nightmares were about fish swimming in my room or a large anaconda snake circling my head. I still can't walk through those glass tunnels in aquariums.

3. I met Freema Ageyman on my holiday this year in Turkey at Easter. I am Doctor Who obsessed - well I fancy the pants off David (incredibly gorgeous) Tennant but then quite honestly who wouldn't.

4. I used to go camping every weekend between Easter and October and have even camped in Poland in the snow.

5. I make the most wicked Brownies and Banana Bread. Well thats what I have been told and they are always in demand.

6. The most annoying thing that people tell me at work, and through my life is that I am soooooo organised.

7. I am absolutely rubbish at spelling and have all sorts of problems but if you start to read my blog on a regular basis it is something that I am sure you will notice.

8. I am very happy with who I am and what I have achieved in life so far.

I tag: I don't have anyone to tag yet as I am new to this but will sort this out very soon.

Hand dyeing for socks

Ok so there are some really amazing hand dyed sock yarns out there but can it really be that hard to do? I have read the three part series in 'Simply Knitting' and I am armed with sachets of Kool aid surely this is something I can manage!

Oh it is also the night of the Eurovision song contest, 'Scooch' don't yet have any points and I am bored. I decide now is the time to get out the instructions for the hand dye kit I bought from DT crafts. I sit and patiently wind my balls into skeins and then tie them loosely.

Everyone else is off to bed, I go off to the microwave. I pick up a couple of drinks bottles and start to mix up the sachets, a yellow, a blue and a green. I lay the skeins in the tray and start to pour on the liquid trying to get some overlapp as I go. Then it is into the microwave for 4 mins.

After draining off the liquid and hanging in the bathroom to dry here are the skeins once finished. You can judge the results for yourself! A little neon. C loves it though and has requested a pair of socks.

They'll certainly see him coming!

OK I am finally giving in to the land of BLOG

Well I have finally decided to give up and join in the world of Blogging.

I am not really sure where to start except to say that this has been prompted by a friend who has now been blogging since March.

I have been knitting since the age of 5 when I was taught to knit by my grandmother. My mother is also an avid knitter but only learned from my grandmother when she was pregnant with me.

Projects started off small and in acrylic and at the delicate age of 7 I knitted my first sausage! OK as a brownie pack we were knitting/ creating a breakfast plate. Not the most inspiring knit I have ever done but everyone has to start somewhere.

I then progressed to various attempts at dressing mine and my sisters dolls but I do remember vividly the first time I followed a pattern when I was around 10 years old and knitted a 'hoody'; to give it its now modern term for her tiny tears doll. It was yellow! I also had to create holes to thread a cord through. It did actually look ok in the end.

Further attempts at following patterns included the good old Patons bazaar books knitting baby bootees out of six squares and stitching them up like envelopes. I must confess I still knit these now for friends as they are just the cutest with a little pom pom on the front. I will try to remember to take a picture next time I knit a pair.

As I improved I tried more complicated patterns such as fair isle sweaters etc.... confession it was for my brothers action man. I still have the pattern for that too somewhere but not sure if my brother still has the jumper!

My more recent passion is knitting socks. I knitted my first pair 18 months ago and have since got hooked. Started out with Opal sock yarn, moved onto luxury angora and hand dyed yarns and now I have just dyed my first lot ready for a pair for my son. More about those in a later entry.

I am currently knitting a child's 'hoody' that I started last year and I am hoping to finish before they grow out of it. In fact I am trying to knit both sleeves at the same time to try and speed things up a bit. I also have several other bits and pieces lying around which I am trying to finish off before starting off a new project. Problem is I start seeing all this lucious yarn.