Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Fog is finished...........................

Ok so I finished this before I went away and it has already been worn almost constantly but with the rubbish weather I wasn't able to get that outdoor shot that I wanted.
Instead you will just have to put up with these......



I did change the next to a very simple roll neck rather than the polo neck in the original design by Tienne. I love this sweater and it was fantastic to knit despite all that 1x1 rib. I know when I read the pattern it did say not for those who don't like rib but somehow I did not quite manage to take on board how much rib there was to do. The sleeves were interesting as they are also knitted up in the round and I found the increases intriguing. I got used to the best way of doing them so not to leave any holes. I enjoyed the whole experience of knitting in the round. It was certainly what prompted me to knit the Sea Vines Vest in the same way. (Still to be blocked and photographed.)

The yarn itself must be one of the most fabulous that I have had the pleasure to knit with and the softness of it is greatly appreciated by the recipient. Thank you Andy at for this special purchase.

Also here is the first cable sock completed. However I have run into a little problem. Thinking I had done really well when there was 51grms left after number one had been completed I now think that there will still not be enough as the yarn apparently comes in 115grm skeins. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - its the Flamingo Sunrise all over again. The problem was the skein was a gift and came without tag, I now need to see if I can find another skein and purchase to finish off the socks.



And thats the toe that might be coming out if I can't get Yarn to finish them!
This sock is also my own design so all the more reason that I want to complete them.

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