Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Neighbourhood Tunnels........................

I have just realised that although I have blogged about these on the Sock(topus)Club board I haven't updated on my own.

So to recap at the start of March I received this from Alice

Containing this
Which turned out like this



But to make them I had to learn to do this
the very tip 2

That's right - I had to learn toe up. A big thankyou to Quelle Erqsome without her help I would never have managed it.

So along the way at various stages they looked like this


I took my time to get started on these. The lacey pattern itself is really quite easy and logical but it was the whole toe up thing that made me put off starting and then once I had started the anticipation of having to do the heel.
I put that off for a little while too and then I thought time was running out to get them finished to be in with a chance of the prize draw and also I want to get my badge for completing them. So I had to go it alone and on the Sunday afternoon I had a go and actually it was much easier than I thought although I still think my technique has some polishing to be done. They have achieved the right effect but not as the designer quite wrote the pattern I fear. Emma please forgive me on this one I did my best?

Anyway once I had managed it off I went, plain sailing up the cuff. Now all I had to do was repeat it all again for the second sock. I managed it but I am still not sure I did exactly the same thing on both heels but I do think I understand short rows a little better now.

I am now looking forward to the arrival of parcel three sometime this weekend. I wonder what new technique I am going to have to learn next.

I also have to comment on the most beautiful sock blockers that came with this months parcel (well shortly afterwards). They really are lovely. I desperately want some in other sizes now too. A D&T project for one of the children I think.

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Easyknitter said...

oooh.... I have seen Justine aka 'cavafele' working on these and I have to say I love the yarn... and the pattern is lovely too, a little 'monkey-esque' too which can never be a bad thing in my opinion.... being a huge cookie A fan.

Well done on the short row heels.... I'm still struggling with them, I chickened out of my last one, ripping it and creating a reverse gusset, which was just as lovely, but I do think there is a whole world of toe up goodness out there if one can just master the feared short row heel.

Well done on these socks.... I'm going to go over to Socktopus right now and see if I can't get myself some sockclub action going on :-)