Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sock(topus)Club Part Three ........ Mosaic

Well the much awaited third parcel arrived in its ever beautiful silver package today and I just couldn't wait to get it open. Once again not a hint of disapointment. The colours are just fantastic,very me and I love them.



So what info do I need to give you? Well the pattern has been designed by Dianne Mullholland (of the Inside Loop )and looks to me like I might have to learn a bit of Entrelac, although I have to say I am relived to find that they are a cuff down design this time. The pattern is just around the cuff so there is some relaxing straight forward knitting as a reward.


Now I am also guessing that these little buddies are going to be useful when completing this pattern too. I love the way the colours match those of the yarn and are in the reverse proportions - very clever and a lovely touch.


That blue really is stunning.

The yarn has been dyed by Middlearth Knitter Yarns, an etsy shop seller and is a Bluefaced Leicester with Nylon mix 75% / 25% and feels very soft. I love the range of tones within each of the skeins of yarn.




But I have to say my favourtie bit of the parcel was this.........


...... and in pink too. My very own members badge. This will be sewn onto my knitting bag and reminds me very much of the badges that I used to get when I was in the Brownies and the Guides many years ago.

I am looking forward to a collection of badges as a reward for each pair of socks I finish. I have managed so far to complete each pair before the next one is posted although the last ones got pretty close. However now the postings are half way through I am going to have to start thinking about saving up for next years membership because how could I possibly not join. I would see everyone else posting and feel like I was missing out.

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gilraen said...

I so agree!! I have not yet blogged my parcel but I too will be looking forward to the next year with Alice. This has been the nicest club yet :)

I love the completely unknown in each package. :)

I will get to actually knitting the socks soon though :)