Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bankholiday bake in..............................

Ok so the weather may have not been great on Monday but that didn't crush the mood. We decided to cancel our lunchtime BBQ and instead opted for afternoon tea with Spag Bol to follow later on in the evening.
So baking was required and this is the feast on the table.



Banana bread

Blueberry muffins

I am not going to go into the delicacies of cream first or jam first but needless to say there were copious amounts of each. Although at one point we did think we may be abandoning everything and rushing off to the West Middlesex in an ambulance. Number one son was testing how sharp a knife was (silly boy) and gained a small cut, nothing too problematic, in fact all was under control until he decided to sit at the dining table, feint and pull the cloth off with him as he fell to the tiled floor of the conservatory. It was quite a frightening experience as he eyes were wide open and pupils hugely dilated. I managed to get him into recovery and stop his tongue flapping back into his throat for a second time. He wasn't best pleased when we said he was to stay lying on the floor for a while. Little sister went straight into nursing mode and collected her favourite blanket to cover him with and then brought a story book to read to him. You know some people will do anything to get out of the washing up! Anyway all was sorted and we drank tea and ate cake.

I did feel however that something was missing from the table.
Could it have been one of these?


I do have a lovely pot but when I go back for my second cup the tea usually is cold.

So now the dilema - which one should I knit.




I think the sheep could win out here, it reminds me of the loopy bonnets and cardis that my mum knitted for my sister and I in the '70's. I just need to get her to show me how to do that stitch. Watch this space there maybe a sheep pot arriving.


PrincessPea said...

Wow - so much baking! Hope the cakes weren't all ruined when the tablecloth got pulled off. The sheep is fabulously kitschy - love it!

yogicknitter said...

Luckily we were still at the baking stage when he feinted.

Robynn said...

The sheep! The sheep!

Although I suddenly find myself seriously hankering after a sunflower cosy to grace our yarn parties...