Sunday, 18 May 2008

Saturday was the school fair.........................

Yesterday was the school fair.


A few weeks ago I decided it might be worth me having a little stall to sell a few of the ipod socks that I have been knitting up out of my odds and ends over the last 18 months and a few other bits and pieces that I had knitted. I also wanted to use the opportunity to teach a few people to knit and encourage those that already could to take it up again.
I wasn't really sure if any of the stuff that I had made would sell mainly because apart from the ipod socks it was mostly hats and scarves and last weekend and the early part of the week had been very warm and not the sort of weather you would make those kinds of purchases in even if it was to put away for the winter months. This put me into a bit of a panic on Wednesday. As a bit of a last minute descision I decided to try out a few knitted corsages and keyrings - I have to say these were very popular, the keyrings totally sold out and I only had a couple of the corsages left.


The ipod socks went down well especially those in the cashmere but I have to say the best bit for me was members of my school knitting group coming along, sitting down and picking up needles and yarn and just taking time out from the fair for a little bit of knit therapy.


I certainly didn't need to worry about the weather and its impact on peoples purchases, with it being a little on the cold side hats and scarves were a welcoming site.

I had a really great day and it was great to chat to meet parents at the school that were also keen knitters and point them in the direction of all things new and knitty on the internet. I think I may well have recruited a few more members for the knitting club too now they have seen what they could produce. Can you spot the skeins of yarn that I had hand dyed out to dress the table, I had some great conversations about those too.


indieknits said...

Blimey, you have been busy!! Your hand dyed yarn looks gorgeous. I dyed some yarn yesterday and it came out looking like Grotbag's hair.

emmms said...

I love those key chains! How did you make them?

I've tagged you for a thing! xx

yogicknitter said...

Oh what have you tagged me for. What do I have to do?