Thursday, 29 May 2008

Picnic time .............. adventures into crochet

I have been meaning to learn to crochet for a long time and back in the new year I mentioned it as one of my new year knitalutions.

I was particularly inspired by the throw that appeared in Rowan 41 magazine (spring/summer) last year.

Rowan mag 41 cover rowan picnic blanketrowan picnic blanket 2

I just loved the eclectic mix. Every new line is in a new colour.

Back in January I took the plunge and purchased the yarn, fourteen 250grm cones of Provence cotton from Texere.


I have to say that this has reduced the cost of making this throw by about two thirds costing my just over £50 compared to around £150 if I used the suggested Rowan yarns. I had to do a little maths as the cones were 250grms and the pattern mentions 6 x 50grm balls. However I worked out as long as I bought enough yarn in total and an odd number of colours I would be fine. (For those of you that are counting and can see 14 cones that is because there are two of one colour for the border.)

To me it just makes a lovely colour wheel.


Being one for organisation and order I felt compelled to photograph them in their colour groups too. Why? Because I can.........




Ok I was stuck where to put the yellow!

So now to the important part with all the materials in check all I needed to do was learn to crochet. I did have a very lovely lesson with Robynn a while back now and did manage a granny square but have to confess as to forgetting most of it as I haven't put it into practice. I have also been lucky enough to have a few kind offers from other Ravellers to teach me too but yesterday I was able to take up Luise on her offer and look, look what I managed to do.......




And look I really have done some of this at home by myself since. The top row of shells is almost starting to get a more even and regular tension. I am enjoying this. My first plan is to use some cotton left over from the cushion cover that I made Emilie last September and make another one in crochet this time on a smaller scale to the throw while I get the hang of the pattern and improve my technique and my tension.

Oh and all of you out there who offered to help, don't worry I am sure I will be calling on you very soon.


Ling said...

Those lessons did come in useful. Your crochet is looking good!

Ling said...

Ps - I've completed your meme at Long last!