Tuesday, 13 May 2008

What is Robynn showcasing..........?

Have you been over to Robynn's Purlescence site recently? If you have you may have seen her show case this month, if you haven't, well you need to get straight over there and have a look.
Amongst the goodies is a fantastic hat kit from Oldmaidenaunt and it is worth it alone for the most fabulous stitch markers / hat charms ever. Back in February Robynn asked if I would mind doing a little test knit on a kit that she was thinking of stocking. And always happy to oblige I said yes and took home the little bundle.


The first thing that I noticed was the most beautiful strawberry stitch markers, which you actually knit up into the hat for decoration if you can bare to part with them. My one regret was returning them with the hat.



It was a very quick and easy knit with instructions for both knitting in the round as well as on straight needles. The pattern for the hat is neatly wrapped around the two handspun skeins of yarn.


Individually they knit up like this...


..... but in this pattern you knit both the skeins changing every couple of rounds to creat this effect.



Isn't it just gorgeous?

You can buy kits from Robynn here.

I have to say I am definately considering the Afternoon Coffe and spoons one. The colours are delicious and the stitch markers even more so.

Actually I want Robynn to source and stock these markers as I would buy tons and tons of them as they are just so, so pretty.

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emmms said...

OH MY GOODNESS. I need those.