Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mosaic and Entrelac...........


So it was Friday night and time to set off to meet the other Socktopods at The Hide in London. I have to say how I made it I don't know I was so, so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. Anyway I arrived at London Bridge station ready to meet up with Indieknits and others. London Bridge is a very confusing station to meet up with people and there is definately more than one Cornish Pasty stand. Neadless to say I wasn't at the same one everyone else was at!
However once I did find Laura I had to stand and resist the temptation to buy a Krispy Kreme.
Anyway I did meet up with everyone and had a good evening and an opportunity to get started on my Mosaic socks. The first part was easy as all I needed to do was knit the rib for the cuff and at least these were cuff down - easy I thought.

Ok this was going to be my first try at entrelac and luckily I had Dianne (designer of the socks) right next to me to kindly help out whenever I got stuck. I managed to complete the first set of triangles before the end of the evening. A very good start.

Luckily Saturday was also presenting itself with fruitful sock knitting adventures as it was over to Alice's for an evening of PPP&P (thats Pizza with Pjamas and Pride and Predjudice - the BBC 6 episode version). Of course I had to supply Brownies which seems to be a compulsary part of attendance at all current knitting events.

What a fab evening and thanks again to Dianne I was able to complete my first ever entrelac. Unfortuately the heep caused me a few problems and I ended up starting no fewer than 4 times. Maybe the fact it was around 2am when I finally gave up and left it until the morning might have explained some of my woe.



Luckily at breakfast Ysolda was at hand to take me through the structure of a short row heels and I finally managed to complete one.

Apologise now to Dianne as I am afraid I am going to revert to my normal type of toe this time.

Other good parts to the evening included gazing around Alice's yarn room and drooling and I came away with two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill to knit man socks and a book of Tea cosies. One thing I haven't quite worked out is how both evenings managed to escape for me alcohol free! I have to say I made up for it with Bucks Fizz at breakfast though.

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