Saturday, 24 May 2008

Ultimate knitting bag.............. and sock bag.

I have always been know for my love of bags, apparently I take after my grandmother. Something to do with the pockets and the ability to categorise and organise all at the same time. So on my search for the ultimate knitting bag the jury is still out. However, more recently they have had some excellent contenders.

I have to say at this point I am extremely happy with my Namaste messenger bag that was purchased from Robynn for my birthday last year but one must not be complacent, and you can never have enough bags and each and every bag should have its own purpose.

Anyway I do think I may have found the ultimate sock knitting bag, not just for an individual project, for those there are goknit pouches and JennaLou bags but for the whole caboodle. The ultimate, portable, sock knitting workstation.

The front......

Look at all the little pockets and zippy bits to put in all your essential sock knitting requirements.


The back.....


And plenty of space in the main part of the bag to through in a project pouch and a couple of balls of yarn to boot. Plus it stands up all by itself.

So where did I find this fantastic sock bag with all the space a knitter on the go could need for her tools? And how much does it cost?

Well I will let you into a little secret ........... the answer is a local charity shop and £4. (Hey did I mention it was green aswell - on the recycling front.)

So with sock knitting done and dusted what about the rest of my knitting when I am out on the go? Well this portable sock knitting station started to get me thinking and then I remembered something that I had in my loft. Could it possibly have all the elements needed to satisfy my need to organise, classify and over plan?
I will post the pictures and leave the opinions up to you.






Have you worked out what it was in its previous life yet?

7 comments: said...

To me, it looks like a rucksack equivalent to a picnic hamper.


Anonymous said...

The best thing to use is a fabric shaver. The best one I know of is on the link.

Anonymous said...

A scrapbooking bag?

-shannon @ librarygirl.

yogicknitter said...

I will reveal but I will wait just a little longer to see what else is suggested. I am going to try and stuff it full of knitty things and projects today and see how it looks.
Scrapbooking Shannon - shame on you! LOL.

Arianne said...

Looks like a baby bag. I seem to see pockets for bottles. And I can see United Colours of Benneton on the top.

I guess it could also be a laptop bag, but my bet is on babies. :)

yogicknitter said...

You are right Arianne the bottom bag is indeed a baby changing bag although I think the spaces for bottles would easily store balls of yarn for a project or sock project pouches. The top bag is a Benetton travel bag - not bad for £4 from the charity shop and perfect for socks.

Anonymous said...

A sock knitting workstation is a brilliant idea! I'm fairly new to the world of sock knitting myself (though strangely I've managed to accumulate a respectable stash of sock yarn), and I might just have to put together something like this for myself.