Monday, 15 December 2008

Spinning through the heather and moss..........

With the excitement of the pending arrival of my Majacraft Little Gem I have been cultivating my spinning mojo this week. Saturday was up into town and along to Iknit to spend a few hours with the spinners group. This amounted to me, ProbablyJane and SnailHannah. I think the rain kept the others away from coming out to play. Having said that I had a fantastic time and I managed to finish spining up, plying and skeining some fibre that I dyed a few weeks ago.

It was my first attempt at dyeing fibre and initially I thought this was going to be a felting project. However, all's well that ends well. I was particularly motivated to get this done as the New Winter Knitty had a beret pattern that I wanted to knit and I thought the colours would be perfect.


This is some of the dyed fibre, the less felted looking stuff. And here making some progress drafting and spinning it.




Anyway it turned out to be on average 13 WPI, so a good DK weight meaning that Fern Glade was definately an option to knit.



The purples and green were definately calling out to me and I have decided to name the colourway Heather Moss.


Here is the hat before blocking on a plate into its beret shape.


I love the way the colours have blended as this has knit up. There are very subtle changes between the purple the green and the white.


And now here in its current status blocking on one of my dinner plates.



I am really looking forward to knitting with more of my handspun now.

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Katie said...

I saw it in the yarn yard group but I thought I'd comment here anyway, that looks fabulous!

New Years resolution is to learn how to spin! Natalie's been trying to convince me for ages!