Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I made it just......................

I finished my Hopscotch socks late on Sunday night but I was determined I wasn't going to bed until they were done.
I have had to learn quite a bit to be able to knit these socks, magic loop being the main thing and then learning to do magic loop toe up. I have learnt Judy's magic cast on, or should I say my version of it that works and I have learnt that you need to increase every round of the toes to start off with if I don't want pointy toes.
Anyway the result is this lovely pair of socks desingned by Anna Bell.



I have had to learn how to do a short row heel and I have finally solved the mystery of the holes. I hadn't realised that I needed to wrap and turn when I picked the stitches back up too.

I have to say one of the best bits about this sock club, apart from the fantastic patterns, gorgeous yarns and goodies is each new technique it has forced me to learn to be able to tackle the pattern. I have really love the challenge. After the last pair are knit up I will be posting about all the things I have learned along the way in the sock club. Thank you Alice for such a fantastic club. Things are already along the way for the new club for next year and of course I couldn't resist signing up again.


Sarah said...

oh boo, I just lost my comment because I'm not signed in to Wordpress. I was going to say, can you please explain the mystery of the holes? I still don't think I have short rows fully down...

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