Friday, 15 June 2007

So its been a little while...........

Ok so its been a little while since I have added anything to my blog. Why? Well I've been really busy learning how to use my new camera so I can take some nice pictures of my projects and my stash to put on here. Also it is that time of year when every spare minute on the computer is used for writing reports!

Ok so here is the first view of the hand dyed yarn I mentioned earlier actually being knitted up.

This is the start of the first sock. I'm actually quite pleased with the way that the colours have come out. Not bad for a first attempt really. I have used a well tested and simple sock pattern that comes free from Regia yarns with their self striping sock yarn. A simple rib for the cuff and then straight for the rest of the sock.

Ok so I've finished the first sock already and I have already now turbned the heel of the second. I am hoping to get them finished this weekend if at all possible. Maybe a little knitting on the sofa while watching Doctor Who!

Anyway now I have got the camera up and running I am hoping to start up a little gallery of my recent finished projects. I have nearly finshed the child's hoodie too. I did knit up the two sleeves together and that did relieve a bit of the boredom and that dread of knowing once you have knitted the first one you've still got another one to go. (Pictures to follow shortly.)

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