Thursday, 28 June 2007

Couldn't resist stashing some more........

OK so I had a lovely skein of Tencil / Merino sock wool arrive on Friday from Kerrie at Hipknits to say thank you for finding her the white hat boxes that she needed for a project she was doing. It is a mix of blue and beige and is really, really soft. I will post a picture later - promise. This meant I then spent further time browsing the sale section of the site and found myself buying further stash. I am not sure entirley what I am going to be getting as I have opted for the lucky dip 500grm (5 skeins) of mixed yarn in one colourway. I am excited and hoping to get some of her lovely sea based colours. I also couldn't resist a couple of skeins of Sari silk that were also on special as they were plain colours rather than the mixed jewel ones. So now I just wait in anticipation of my parcel arriving to find out what I have got. I will photograph and post just as soon as they arrive.

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