Monday, 20 August 2007

Long time.............

Ok so it has been nearly two months since I last made an entry. That doesn't mean though that I haven't been out spending money on yarn or doing lots of knitting.
Where to start?
So many purchases, both yarn and books. I have also completed a few projects and started several more that are not finsished, not to mention the new ones planned.
First things first, I have now had my invitation to start my Ravelry account. I now need to spend some time setting that up and working out how to make the links to my blog. I have started to add my library of books on but my invitation arrived the morning I was setting off on my holiday so it has had to wait at the moment.

Holiday knitting:
Here is the jumper that I knitted on my holiday for my nephew. He is now 8 months. Unfortunately I didn't finish it until the day that we were leaving so I didn't get the chance to take a picture of him wearing it.
Very pleased with it though and found two really cute little buttons to put on the neck so that his head would fit thorough. I was also able to use my very limited crocheting skills to make the loops for the buttons. It was great knitting on my lovely ebony, lantern moon needles too. The yarn just seems to glide across them. I now have five 50grm balls left of Debbie Bliss DK cotton and the most recent baby born (last Sunday to a work colleauge was a little girl).
Yarn purchases......
While on holiday I made a visit to Texere yarns to buy some undyed wool that I could have another go at dyeing myself with Kool aid. Updates on that later. There are some rather lovely skeins drying out in the garden on the washing line right now.
Book purchases....
Well with lovely yarn ready to hand dye a book on dyeing your own self stripping yarn was definately in order. Of course other purchases had to be made at the same time just so not to pay postage. As well as the yoga thing I am also a great Harry Potter fan so couldn't resist purchasing Charmed Knits. I will be joining the knit along so progress will be posted here.
Obviously there will be socks but I am also looking at creating my own Hogwarts ipod socks, something I think every discerning wizard should be seen carrying. What better way to revise for your OWLS or NEWTS than listening to lessons on your MP3!

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