Saturday, 25 August 2007

Tabi Socks

OK a while back I mentioned that I had been lucky enought to be sent a free skein of sock yarn form Kerrie at Hipknits for sourcing some lovely white hat boxes for her. It really is a lovely soft yarn and it has taken me a while to decided what I was going to knit with it. I knew I was going to knit something for myself and that the something would be socks but I needed to venture away from my standared pattern (the free one that comes with the Regia sock yarn or the one from Simply Knitting). It sat in my yarn stash for a couple of months.

What I really wanted was a pair of socks to wear either with my flip flops when I go to yoga or to wear with my Nike air rift (pig toe) shoes. I was toying with the idea of adapting a pattern as surely it couldn't be that different from knitting fingers on gloves. I had seen individual toe socks patterns, indeed my mother still has the one from Womans Own in the 1970's but I wanted one toe only and the rest as a normal sock.
Eventually when browsing Amazon for books on dyeing self stripping yarn I also came across the following. Just what I was looking for. So I ordered without hesitation - I did resist buying book number one Not Just Socks on this occaision but who knows in future. So as soon as the book arrived I cast on my 64sts and I was away.

The results are below:
Currently one sock completed and second sock past the cast on and initial rib.

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