Sunday, 26 August 2007

I spent the evening on Ravelry............

Ok so I have to confess to not doing much (actually any) knitting at all yesterday as I decided to use the time to update my blog and spend a little (turned out to be a lot) time looking at Ravelry and finally having a go at uploading pictures and adding some completed projects. This meant the learning of many new skills, including the opening of a flickr account (yep behind the times on that one) and uploading pictures to it. I am sure there must be a quicker and easier way but I haven't found it yet. I now need to know how to link the flickr account to the blog which I know other friends have done. One step at a time.
I have managed to load up four of my projects and join three communities yesterday. I have joined the Storytellers, Namaste and London knitters. I haven't added any stash yet but I need to find a spare half day at least just to photograph and locate it all. Then it needs to be sorted into allocated projects where patterns, designs and sizes are already allocated and then into potential projects where I have a rough idea and then here is the yarn and I haven't got a clue but it looked too lovely to leave on the shelf so I bought it.
So what else does Raverly have to offer? I have already used the opportunity to search out and locate a number of patterns that I would love to knit and you are able to add those to your project queue. I haven't yet started my needle inventory, again another day is needed to locate them all so that I can start to make a catalogue.
I also want to find a Harrypotter group to join. There are also swap groups, the list goes on......
I did find it quite frustrating today trying to log on though it was taking 10 mins to load up the front page and another 10-15 to load up once logged in and sometimes crashing out all together but I am sure that this will iron out once they go to their big server. I am still part of the Beta test community at the moment. Overall though a huge thumbs up.

Looking forward to spending more time updating my notebook and getting all those projects loaded up.
Here is one of the things I am currently working on from knitters Bible:

I am using the basic pattern but have reduced it down to 3 colours.. ......

This involved a little maths challenge not unlike suduko to arrange the colours so that no two squares that were touching had the same colour and that each colour appeared in everyrow of almost. It is also a chance to try out some different stitches over a small sample

Here are some of the individual samples:

More samples to follow later in the week.............

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Robynn said...

There are actually five whole Harry Potter-related groups - well, maybe four or six, depends how you count. Just pop HP into the group search box and you're off.

As for what else Ravelry can do for you - just hang around and you'll get a feel for what you want to get out of it. Being able to browse projects is huge for me, seeing different versions of the same pattern knit up, being able to check out 900 shawl patterns when I want a project... you get the idea. But also just keeping an eye on the forum boards; I have to force myself *not* to join too many groups, not to get involved in too many discussions, because where would it ever end? But any knitting-related question you could ever have, you'll find the answer. Probably 12 answers. It's so great to be able to connect with people so easily. Yes, of course there are tons of other knitty forums out there, but I really think this one is the best - active, organised, friendly... and not over-moderated. Just moderated enough. I absolutely love it.