Saturday, 25 August 2007

It's a wrap...............

Finally, finally, finally finished. One cashmere wrap in Hipknits laceweight cashmere.

This is certainly a labour of love. This was my dedicated holiday knit when I went to Turkey at Easter this year. Everything a travelling knitter would want from a project. Only a 100grm skein needed for the whole project and only one size of needles according to the pattern. This is where I would make a recomendation of casting on in a larger size needle and very loosely indeed. (Suggest 3.5 or 4mm depending on whether you are naturally a loose knitter or not). This meant that I would only need to pack one project that would last me the whole holiday. Well in the week that I was there I only managed to knit the back and one sleeve and I am generally known as a fast knitter. Apart from doing my Yoga DVD on the balcony 3 times in the week and going for meals I mostly spent my time by the pool knitting in the day and in the bar knitting in the evenings. I never thought that I was going to get it completed.
I then had to take a break when I got back off holiday as other jobs and projects had a greater urgency and I finally had a chance to get back onto this project at the end of July. I actually finished knitting it on the 4th August, including sewing up which was also very time consuming. Definately block for this one - steam iron method is fine but do use a cloth between the iron plate and the fabric.
So here it is ready to be worn to yoga class (maybe sooner than I thought with the awful weather that we have had).

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