Friday, 15 June 2007

Tagged again so soon.............

Thank you Gabrielle for tagging me for a second time before I have even gotten over the first. Lets see what I have to reveal this time then?

4 jobs I have had in my Life:
  • Silver service waitress from the age of 15 right through my student days - good fun and I never had to worry about what to wear on a Saturdy night as it was always black and white
  • Sales assistant on the perfume counter in Gatwick airport in the old Duty free lounge. I spent a whole summer working there while waiting for my A level results to come out
  • Packaging operative - working for Smith Kleine Beechams as it was then. Again another source of gainful employment for a student holiday job. I went to America with the money that I saved and bought myself a bike.
  • Teacher - I always wanted to be so I am and always will be.

4 films I can watch again and again:
  • The breakfast club - I love those 80's brat pack movies as they were known then
  • Dirty Dancing - no-one sits baby in the corner. I even got my hair permed to look like hers.
  • Educating Rita - my favourite line is when Julie Walters is talking to Michael Cain about Macbeth and she says "Wasn't his wife a cow!"
  • The Jazz Singer - the Neil Diamond film from the 70's - I still cry every time I watch it. I also know all the songs by heart. That is entirely my fathers fault of course but I was brought up on it.

4 places I have lived:

This one is a little harder as I haven't really ventured too far or anywhere exciting

  • Portland Bill - well close to, when I was born my father was in the Navy and stationed at the Navy base there.
  • Crawley - New town of the 50's and 60's. I grew up and went to school here.
  • Exeter - definately my favourite of all the places I have lived and where I would like to go back to live. I spent four fantastic years there while I completed my degree. I love to go back and visit whenever I can
  • West London - where I live now - I have done from close proximity of one airport to another. I have lived here for the last 15 years. I only intended to stay two years before moving back down to Devon, funny how things work out really
4 series I watch:
This is easy except there may be more than four
  • Dr Who and Torchwood - can they count as one as there are similar characters and one is a spin off.
  • The apprentice - love it, love it, love it.
  • Desperate Housewives - the writers are really talented and how they get all those twists going is really amazing
  • Big Brother - well usually I do but I haven't had 5 seconds this year to watch
  • Graham Norton - anything he is presenting at anytime I just find him so funny.

I don't actually watch a lot of telly and it tends to be after 9pm in the evening when I finally get to sit down. I am looking forward to the new series of Rome though.

4 places I have been on holiday:
  • Devon - many holidays spent here camping or at a very lovely little hotel which has since closed and been converted to flats
  • America - Seattle to be precise which did include a visit to the famous Church Mouse knitting supplies shop on Bainbridge Island, just a ferry ride away
  • Turkey - where I have been for the last two holidays - my first ever experience of all inclusive. It was just great and I spent my evenings knitting in the bar.
  • Centre parcs - both Uk and France - both were excellent but not at all cheap. I love the Aqua Sana.

4 things I do everytime I am on the net:
  • Check my mail
  • go onto ebay - almost every time
  • look at yarn stores - see the list of places to stash
  • look at my blog - as you can see I haven't actually got into routine of updating it yet but the summer holidays will soon be upon us

4 places I would love to be right now:
  • At a spa having a luxurious treatment and a French manicure - I have never had one and each time I even dare to think my nails might have grown long enough they break.
  • In Italy eating my favourite icecream - not that I have ever been to Italy it is just an image I have
  • India, in a yoga ashram learning to find my inner peace and calm
  • Japan sharing one of those hot natural pools with those monkeys - know the ones I mean?

I hope someone finds this interesting. It is interesting how some things were easier to list than others.

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