Friday, 22 February 2008

A foggy knit for foggy days..............................

Ok so a week or two ago I asked you what was in the Turkey shaped package. I can reveal the contents as.....


.....bags, and bags of lovely Rooster yarn from Andy (Alpacabuyer on Ravelry)from
I just couldn't resist the superb offer that he had.

  • 4 bags of Mushroom arran
  • 2 bags of Plum in DK
  • 1 bag of Pink in DK

It is just the softest 50%alpaca/50%merino blend in splendid little 25grm balls. That means 40 balls of mushroom!
The thing was now I had it what was I going to do with it?

Well with the foggy weather we have been having and after a little searching on the Ravelry pattern database I found this free pattern. I thought this would make a good mans knit for the mushroom.


So I have cast on.........



What's really lovely about this sweater is I have been able to put my knitpicks options to good use as it is knit in the round. I have only ever knit socks or hats in the round before so this is a first. The only slight hitch now is the 40 balls and with each one only doing an inch I couldn't waste a bit. Enter the new technique of spit splicing. I had heard about it, even seen it demonstrated but never tried it. I was going to have to plunge in and I am so glad I did. 40 balls and no ends to sew in. It couldn't be easier. Unravel a bit of each yarn. Overlay the strands, wet a little and then rub between the palms of the hands. It is truly amazing. I never thought it would hold but it is just fantastic.

A couple of things about this sweater. It is what you would call rib heavy. The edge is 4x2 rib and the rest of the sweater is 1x1 rib but it's fine when you get into the rhythm of it. This is a lovely yarn to work with and the knitpicks are making easy work of it. Changing needles was great as well as I only had to screw off and on a set of ends. I think I will be doing more of this in the round stuff.

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