Sunday, 24 February 2008

Handy for Andy.......................

It was Wednesday and I should have been doing some school work but you know how it is, I sat at the computer and thought I would just check out the 'Rav'. There was a message on one of the boards that read:
Help Its Cold !!!!
Gosh, what's that all about, expecting tales of snow etc.

This was the message:
Hi Ya Bit of a cheeky post I am afraid.
Its to say the least proving somewhat cold packing up orders in the barn at the moment.
Just thought I would be cheeky and ask if any one had any spare time to knit me a pair if fingerless gloves in Aran BFL ?
Would send the yarn free and include a pack of the Rooster yarn as a thank you.
Hope this isnt too cheeky of me to ask
Many thanks

Well I think the post had been there all of a minute before I gave my reply:

Go on then I will. Actually was going to contact about purchasing an extra pack of mushroom (see foggy day post) as I am having a panic about knitting carls sweater and having enough. I am one of those better safe than sorry people.
How big are your hands?

A few posts went back and forth as arrangements were made etc. On Thursday eveing Carl arrived home with a neat little package containing yarn for the gloves and my extra pack of Rooster almerino. Perfect.


I can tell you now that this yarn is as soft as it looks and has a lovely spring to it. So it was time to cast on. The following are the progress of the gloves, including a moment when I didn't think I would get the pair out of one skein. (Andy did post two just in case.)

Passed the thumb and onto the fingers.
Little finger and thumb on waste yarn waiting to go.
Glove number one finished!
By the end of Friday evening I was one glove down and one cuff up.
Slightly scary moment this morning when I still had one thumb and one little finger to go.
Little finger on DPN's.
All finished with a little yarn still to spare.


These have been knitted on 3.75mm DPNs to create quite a dense fabric to keep out the cold. I adapted a pattern from called cigar but didn't finish off all the fingers. Very pleased with how they have turned out. These are now packaged up and ready to go out in the post tomorrow. Hopefully Andy's hands will be much warmer while tackling the hugest yarn stash I have ever heard of.
By the way I have now ordered 12 skeins of this yarn in this colourway from Andy to knit a sweater so watch this space.

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