Monday, 18 February 2008

One Day in March................................

So I and a group of others have been desperately waiting to blog on this one for a while now. We no longer have to keep it a secret. For the last coulple of months there has been plotting, knitting, sewing and other related activities going on. It started with an invite from Quelle Erqusome to join the One day in March group on Ravelry. (I think it was called something else to start with but we couldn't allow it to be pulled up on searches.) Anyway Indieknits and Erquesome had hatched a wicked plan.
So this is what the group board read:

us? we're not doing anything...

group details
Fellow Socktoschemers. Our glorious leader is set to be wed in Feb 2008 and we want to throw her the best, knittiest hen party ever. But don’t let her know. It’s a secret.

Due to certain logistics, any in-person partying will be based in London, UK (location/date to be determined), but it’d be awesome if everyone joined in from wherever they are! We need all the help we can get to organise a night to remember.

We’re in the process of inviting the entire S!!ktopus board, but if we miss someone, please invite them! Don’t forget: everyone is welcome! Invite everyone in your friends list! Spread the word! Just don’t tell Alice.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE TRY NOT TO USE THE WORD ‘S!!KTOPUS’ IN YOUR POSTS! If Alice does a search on Ravelry to find customer feedback, she may stumble across this group!

For obvious reasons we did not have a banner either. We needed to remain undetectable, under the radar (now that might have been our give away on Rav if Alice is an eavesdropper!)

Anyway for those not yet on Ravelry (Why?) and are unable to read the posts and plotting on the One Day in March group we decided to make a group wedding gift of a blanket. This was to have contributions from across the country. All fellow socktopods knitting 3" x 24" strips in luxurious yarn to be sewn up at an agreed time and place. That agreed time and place was 9th Feb in the bar of the Ritzy Cinema, followed by The Old Crown pub in Holborn on the following Wednesday.




You can find more photos of our exploits here.

So after a couple of sewing up sessions, extra knitting and Dianne crocheting the edging just in time we were ready to party.

So on Saturday we all met at the Chandos somewhere in town near Leciester Square and this time I didn't need to ring Laura to come and fetch me!
Alice thought she was just going for a little drink with a couple of friends. Here's a few choice shots from the evening.




Aswell as the blanket we had to provide the obvious Hen party attire - knitted of course. Justine provided the delctable L plates in a suitable tacky acrylic. I produced the veil with knitted flowers and a knitted lace garter. I will blog separately about that as few people did ask about the pattern.

We had a really great time so a big thank you to all those who knitted and sewed strips but couldn't make it on the evening and to all those who came along and knitted and drank, Erquesome, Indieknits, Cave felem (aka Izzie the cat), Where's woolly, AnnaT, Dianne, Sharazamattaz, did I miss anyone? And of course Miss Socktopus herself.

We really did do some knitting but here is how the evening progressed.



Ok I know some of these photos are a little blurry but I really wanted to capture the authentic feel as I saw it through my eyes.

This was such a fun project to be part of and for such a wonderful person. Have a great day, a great wedding and a great married life. Hugs and Kisses from Yogicknitter xxxxxx

Two of the strips I contributed to the blanket.


Please note further posts about the Moustachios will appear later! You know who you are.

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missmalice said...

Again thank you for an awesome mustachio'd time!! I have posted piccies of the blanket on my blog, and will add to the group pool!

Alice xxx