Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Having a Mothering Sunday....................

Ok I am one of these people who feels the whole thing has become very commercialised and I am absolutely adamant that cards should say Mothering Sunday and not Mother's Day. That put aside I still like presents and I still like being looked after. However, this Mothering Sunday was going to be a bit odd as one of my children wasn't going to be around (school trip to the lakes) but I wasn't going to let that get in the way.
So we decided this year it would be about being a mother and doing motherly things. So after packaging off child number one we headed to Kew Gardens with child number two in search of a hearty brunch. I was quite suprised to find that they didn't do hot breakfast in any of there eaty places at all. We did however manage croissant and pain au chocolat washed down with a latte and some other savory pasteries I can't remember the name of.
Next was present buying. After listening to the moan of its Christmas in December, your birthday in January, Valentines in February and that was only two weeks ago we agreed no flowers. We instead decided on plants for the garden from Kew, but I get to choose. So we came away with four lovely plants including their recommended plant of the month. A good job they were recommending really as neither of us would have had a clue where to start. All the plants we choose needed shade which was good considering where we wanted to install them.
On returning home these were promptly located out the back and snapped.


Once the bags were removed they looked like this...


and close up like this.....................................





Four fine specimins which I can proudly say have already been put into their new homes.

Once the planting had been done and a lovely meal had been devoured there was more mummy stuff to be done. This time in the shape of baking; brownies, scones, and bread rolls. Child number two had requested to be able to make bread. So here is the outcome.................

The brownies are pre-baking. We then had visitors to collect our old sofa bed and they stayed to sample the cooking and then to round off the day it was out to knitting group in the evening. I have to say it has been one of my most enjoyable Mothering Sunday's yet.

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Jen said...

Those look very yummy. Glad you had such a nice day