Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sock(topus)Club Part Two - Neighbourhood tunnels..........

Ok so I am a little late in posting the arrival of the most recent Sock(topus)Club parcel which arrived on Monday last week. This has been eagerly awaited since finish the Karenina socks back in February. Unfortunately I am one of those that is going to have to wait a little longer for my sock blockers - but hey as long as they arrive in time to block these what does it matter?
So the yarn - Sheldridge Farm Ultra in shade Arcade Fire, especially dyed for the socktopus sock club and the colours chosen by our designer Emma Haigh, better known to us all as Quelle Erquesome leader of the Moustachio liberation front.



I have to say I was initially a little wary of this colour having had experience of the same brand of yarn in another colourway pooling a lot with a pair of lace socks that I knitted and not being as pleased with the yarn knitted as I was with it on the skein. However, this has now grown on me and I am feeling far more confident about it. The blue isn't turning out to be as dominant as first thought it would. I have to say I do love the red and orange colours in the yarn and actually the end of the skeins here shows it well.


I still think though I would have loved them to be this colour all over, although I can always buy more yarn and knit another pair. The sock club is all about challenges for me and taking me out of my comfort zone and it isn't only the colour way that has done that!

Toe up! What's that all about? Having battled with loading the CD, still not solved at this point I went on to look in more detail at the pattern keen to cast on. But hello, what is this? A crochet hook and make a chain! Ahhhhhhh.

OK lucky for me Emma is not too far away and kindly agreed to meet up to teach me this new technique. I am sure I could have managed but it is great to have the reasurance of the designer on hand with coffee in a cafe in comfy leather sofas. The key here I think was reading the pattern carefully for each step and not just guessing.

So after much hilarity here is my first efforts at a toe up sock....

the very tip

the very tip 2

the very tip 1

Thank you Emma for taking these pics for me as although I brought my camera I had forgotten to put the battery in it. Forgetfulness has been something of a theme this week but that is for another day.

And the following is a little further progress once I carried on at home..

I am really quite happy with the way the colour in the yarn is knitting up now.
I did try to attempt the next patterned part of the sock but alas I made a mess of that and need to find a block of time when I can shut myself away and concentrate. Although at the moment I am thinking another coffee session and tutorial with Emma maybe needed later in the week.


emmms said...

Hurrah! Looking very good! I'm a bit naughty as I've not started mine yet. I'm still working on my Karenina's (which actually makes me REALLY naughty).

Maybe is we do meet up again it'll motivate me to cast on!

AnnaT said...

Well done Mel - I'm proud of you! You are blazing a path for us more naughty (lazy) people who haven't finished (started) Karenina yet...

yogicknitter said...

I haven't done anymore since at the moment as I need to sit with Emma again for security you understand. I am seeing her at Iknit tomorrow I hope so then I will be able to progress further.