Friday, 14 March 2008

Odds and Ends. What do you do with them?.........

Well apart from having a bad case of startitis at the weekend it is important to look at the root of these problems. I had been wanting to sort my yarn out for a while and after a trip to Ikea on Friday night with G and a non purchase of storage items I ended up resorting my yarn on the Saturday. So how do you go about sorting? Well there is a box for undyed yarn, a box for yarn purchased for specific projects, a hamper (and I do mean hamper of the picnic kind) full of beautiful individual skeins of yarn, the hand dyes, the sock, the luxurious and then there is the box of odds and sods. Mostly made up of old balls of arcylic or left over balls of yarn from projects etc. But what to do with the left overs? Some of it beautiful yarn needing someone and something to put it to good use.

So hence the series of startitis (and a bit of finishing) which has resulted in the following knitted items starting their life.


A very small amount of some lovely yarn from the Sock(topus)Club part I which was too good to just use up holding stitches for fingers for gloves so I created the following. There is a third but it was finished after I had taken this photo.


Staying on the theme of the Karenina, I loved the pattern so much that I wanted to see how it would look in different colours so scabbling around I found the following. You may recognise the pink Smooshy from my gloves.


I am not sure how these will turn out colour wise as they are such a contrast to the purple and yellow but they do remind me of summer and Ice Creams.



And finally I needed something to knit on the train last Friday so I started another beret using the left over yarn from my Chrysallis jumper (yet to be photographed, blogged and logged on the Rav). In fact I think that this was what started the need to sort, classify and use up the remenants.


I will take pictures of the other finished articles as they are completed. This is my contribution to the environment by doing the reduce (my stash) and reuse (my leftovers) bit.


shazrazzamatazz said...

Is the first picture an ipod cover? It should be!

yogicknitter said...

Yep they are ipod and phone socks. Although the one in the Karenina pattern is just a little on the tight side and could have done with another set of 5 sts.

Shannon said...

Very cute. Eventually I plan to knit a lot of mini socks as Lola has done here -

I did use some leftovers for my mp3 player cosy, but it's stretched too much now.

Oh and I love those little handwash labels! Where'd you get them?