Saturday, 5 July 2008

My, my,my ..........Delilah!

OK so I can now finally blog about my secret project.
Here it is ....................




A little while back there was a thread on Ravelry on the Yarnforward group asking for a test knitter. Well I am generally known for my speedy knitting and with half term coming up this was a realistic possibility so on my doorstep (well actually Carl's school) arrived a package containing lots of balls of this.


I really like this yarn and a few years back knitted an entire mens sweater in it. I love the way that it ages when it washes. It really does shrink and fade just like your favourite jeans.

Anyway I was asked to knit a lovely, summery lace halterneck.


I love the fact that it is knit in the round which gave me another opportunity to use my knitpicks. This time it gave me the perfect excuse to justify having also bought the metal tips as they really are better to use when knitting cotton.


I think this photo shows off the lacey pattern well and also how the dye is only on the outside of the yarn.


This one shows more of the detail from a different angle.



Luckily for me there was also loads of yarn left and I was allowed to keep back enough balls to knit a top for myself. I have to say for that I will need to make a few alterations to accomadate the slightly larger bust. I will be keeping a few more stitches on the needle and picking up extras behind the first cup on when knitting the second to give a little more coverage.

Also it is worth noting here I think that although the back of the top looks a little too large on the model in the magazine this is because it had not yet been washed and when it is washed the yarn shrinks by about 20% as well as fading so it will give a better fit. This is worth considering which size to knit when you have chosen which type of cotton you wish to use. Also worth noting is that Sirdar also do a cheaper shrinkable cotton which you can purchase for around £1.30 a ball at the Black sheep, so that makes this a very cheap summer knit.

If you are looking at it and thinking it is two complicated I can assure you it's not it is just two rows to the lace pattern with no complicated stitches, just very effective.

It seems really strange to see my name in print in such big letters too. I would have had a photograph of that too but I couldn't get a clear enough picture with the camera.

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Justine said...

congratulations! You've done a beautiful job - it looks fantastic