Thursday, 31 July 2008

Oh baby, baby..................................

Ok there have been a lot of births this year to both family,friends and colleagues so Baby knitting has been high on the agenda throughout the year. I have to say I love it and having something small and quick on the needles is a delight. The problem is not being able to post until I have given the gifts so that it doesn't spoil the suprise.

Recent knits include the Cabled Cashmere blanket.......




I have also bought the following kit to knit up for a friends little boy....



It's knitted in a lovely green and blue Sea wool, the same yarn I knitted the SeaVines Vest in back at Easter. This is going to be a holiday knit and part of my enrty to the Ravalympics as part of Team Socktopus. More details once I have cast on at the opening ceremony.

I also have a little short sleeved pink cardi cast on but I haven't got any pictures of that yet. I have already completed the back and need to whip up the two fronts at knitting group on Sunday evening.


Anonymous said...

The blanket looks very special. I agree with you, knitting for babies is such a satisfying thing to do!

yogicknitter said...

I am really pleased with it and it really is a very simple knit, much less complicated when it looks. The cashmere is so very soft.