Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sock(topus)Club Part Four - Fiori di Zucca

Yes it's that time again and the Socktopus Sock Club parcel has been delivered by Mr Postie to my front door. Why should I mention this - well usually it doesnt' actually come to my home address I get it delivered to work but knowing it was arriving on a Saturday I just couldn't bare to wait until Monday.
I have to confess now to having already had a little preview on our Socktopus 'jaunt' down to Brighton last week. I can now remove all those little blue splodges from the photos of Alice to reveal what she was knitting on the train.



Yes there it is Fiori di Zucca - WIP.

I just love these fab summer colours and in one of my favourite sock yarns - Dream in Colour Smooshy. Once again Alice has had this colour especially dyed for the club. This colourway is Gelato al Pistacchio.



Of course as always the package was filled with other lovely treats too, as if the yarn and the pattern aren't enough.....


I have to say the green and the yellow on the bag are going to need some getting used to for me as I am definately a pink girl but oh does it fit all my sock club stuff in so far. The front pouch is the perfect size for all the club patterns that have come so far and there is a little notions pouch that hangs at the back inside.

I love 'Hands off my Socks' logo.


I mean there is no way you can confuse that message can you?

And the back.......


This pattern is certainly going to be the most challenging for me yet. I don't really do knitting from charts, I'm much more a read the list of instructions girl so I am going to have to get into a new mindset on this one. Having said that after the initial excitement of opening up each parcel I have then had to draw breath and consider if I am actually capable of knitting the pattern and each time so far it has just been a matter of confidence and getting stuck in. I may just wait for the start of the school holidays for this one though when at least I can relax a little and draw several deep breaths first.

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jane said...


I need help with the Fiori di Zucca socks! Please help me:

I am a bit confused starting at row 29. In the pattern, (i’m doing the smallest size), it says Knit 2, purl 1, and begin the row 29… Is this correct? The new stitches don’t seem to “align” with the previous stitches in row 28 below Also, do I repeat Knit 2, purl 1, and the row 29 again, or just row 29 afterwards?

Is there errata for this pattern or is it 100% tested and correct? :) Thank you!

Also, one more thing:

for the next rows 30-39, are they repeated? or just do each row once?

I've tried to contact Alice but I'm getting no response and I really want to resume knitting this pattern. Thank you!