Saturday, 29 November 2008


AKA the Socktopus Secret Santa Sock Swap.


Well I may not have posted much in the last couple of weeks but I can assure you that I have been busy on the knitting, spinning and dyeing front over the last few weeks.
A couple of months ago towards the end of the summer and as autumn was just starting to draw in I signed up to the Socktopus Secret Santa Swap. There were too choices of swap, either to produce a sock kit for someone with pattern, yarn and goodies or to knit a pair of socks and then send them with some goodies to your partner. I chose the second option as it meant I would recieve my first ever pair of handknit socks from someone.
If you care to scan back through my posts somewhere along the line you will find the questionnaire I had to complete about my likes, dislikes etc to provide information about me to my partner. We were then assigned the recipient of our package and it was time to start doing some serious stalking and snooping. So it was off to read the blog and the stalk the ravelry projects page to see what they would really like.
So what did I find out about the person I was goign to be knitting for:
Well obvious things first like sock size and then preferred colours and yarns. I then found out about their interests. They were a Harry Potter and a Miffy fan and also love the Lake district.

Once I had enough info it was time to start hatching my plan of action. The colours requested were purple with a new found interest in teal. This made me decide that the best thing to do would be to custom dye some yarn for this lady, she was also a big fan of Merino so I aquired two skeins of Merino Tencel ready for dyeing.

Here is what she got:




I reskeined to get a feel for how the colours would then mix.


With the yarn dyed, dried, reskeined and wound into a yarn cake it was time to decide on the pattern. I decided to knit Saucy (by cidermoon) which was a pattern in my partners queue on Ravelry.




Once the socks were finished it was time to put a few things together to complete the package. It was easy to do as my partner had some very clear interests.


Also when I included another skein of the yarn that I had dyed especially for her as well as a laminated copy of the pattern I had knit. There were also the other usual essentials for the sock knitter, foot treatments, chocolate, sticky notes and of course a little christmas angel decoration.

Rooknits I really hope that you enjoy your package and I will be looking out on your blog for your post. It was great fun putting this together for you.

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RooKnits said...

It is a wonderful wonderful parcel. Thank you so much Mel. I love the colours you picked. I'm so excited that I got a one off dye for me!

Now, one last thing, are they superwash? Just need to warn my other half if they aren't!