Saturday, 8 November 2008

Playing yarn shops at Ally Pally....................

Gosh this seems such a long time ago now and I have been so behind on my posting recently it has been quite criminal. I thought I might catch up in half term but no such luck.

Anyway Ally Pally for me this year was a little different from the last two as this year was the first year my knitting was on display on a total of four different stands and I also got to play yarn shops on two. I have to say I had such a fantastic time. I had all the fun without all the responsibility. I just hope I get invited back to help next year too.

So first the knitting: well there were items on, Purlescence, Yarnforward, Socktopus and Laughing Hens. Yarnforward I have already blogged about so I won't bore you any further with that and if you haven't read already you can always go and look at my post on the diary of a magazine knitter, and I promise not to mention the cables again!

I had also knitted up a few samples for Robynn in her yarns and also lent a few additionals of things I had bought and knitted up from her over the past year. It was lovely to see my work on display and overhear people talking about it. I brought my Lady gloves onto the socktopus stand and the fog sweater made its way over to Andy on Laughing hens as it has been knitted from the lovely Rooster yarn (now in 3 new colours too).

So here they are:





The other jumper in Rooster next to The Fog sweater is Robynn's Twist and Shout from Knitty fall.

So the Saturday I was a Socktopod and here is just a snapshot of what we got up to......









These are the little mini socks we were all knitting up while we were on the stand. I now know how to do a short row heel and have sorted out why I was still getting holes. I have since done three short row heels. They were to go over the little sock needle guages that Alice sells.

Sunday I was a Laughing Hen helping out Andy, Mr himself. That was loads of fun too. I got to spend lots of time enabling others!



At the end of the day when we had to start packing up and we were piling yarn into boxes all I wanted to do was jump into it!

I had a great time and it was fun meeting so many people that I had met on Ravelry, especially those who had made a special effort to come over and say hello because I had said where I would be each day.


Gabrielle said...

Seeing that picture of you at Ally Pally? I miss you - it rains a lot here and there's just the same amount of knitty stuff going on as in London. B is going through a very tough time at work too - it's the kind of time when I'd tank over for a coffee, knit and a much needed chat.


Gabrielle said...

I meant, 'not the same amount of knitty stuff'...