Monday, 27 October 2008

The Slow Guide to London....................

Last Monday night I was up in town hoping around on tubes having my photo taken with the rest of these knitters to be published in The Slow Guide to London.
Yet another addition to my media appearances or acknowledgements!
Luckily there isn't an actual photo of me here just the others who were along for the ride. I did manage to get a picture of the photographer when he was taking down names.





It was really funny watching peoples reaction to us. There was one girl who actually was about to step into the carriage, took one look, sheer horror seemed to take over her face and she backed off very quickly and jumped on at another door. Poor girl!

I got to meet Gingerknits again after bumping into her at Ally Pally and I met Fingers and toes for the first time and a few others. Craig and Gerard were there representing Iknit - the coolest knitting venue in London.

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That's a lovely photo of Craig!

hmm, the word verification word is "pricks" - weird!