Sunday, 11 November 2007

Charity Knits at Stitch and Bitch...........

So after spending some time looking around at the stalls and making a few purchases it was time to sit down for a bit and do some knitting before the fashion show started. There were a few charity knits to support and not wanting to offend anyone I decided that I needed to complete something for each of the projects that were being represented. This required knitting an 8" red square to be part of the a record breaking attempt for the Worlds largest knitted christmas stocking and then little scarves for origins ginger essecnece bottles. Both for very deserving causes.

Charity knitting

red square

The Children's Society is running BIG STITCH and are attempting to knit the world's largest Christmas stocking and hoping to raise money at the same time to give children back their childhood. It's not too late to get involved and you can visit their website for more details or you can knit a 20cm (8") red square and send it to:
The Big Stitch World Record
The Children's Society,

Ginger knits campaign

These are the scarves that Gabrielle and I knitted for the Origins Ginger Knits Campaign. Very simple in deed. Cast on 50 sts and then knit 4 rows and then cast off. They want people to knit a mini scarf for thier Origin ginger essence bottles. Throughout December bottles will be sold nationwide and £1 from every sale will be donated to the housing and homeless charity shelter (charity number 263710). If you want to help visit the Origins website and go to Project Space.

These were not the only charities who were looking for the help of knitters. St John's Ambulance were also looking for help to support their 'Big Tea Cosy'.
The BIG tea cosy is St John's Ambulance's new annual fundraising event and the are asking for help to provide thirst aid on 30th November this year. They want people to get involved in a number of ways by hosting their own tea party, take part in the online celebrity tea pot auction or even try the Big tea cosy knitting challenge. They are asking knitters to make tea cosies and then donate them so that they can be sold to raise funds. They are hoping to have 5,ooo cosies knitted and donated. For more information go to their website :

I also got the chance to look at the winning entries for the Missability knit a walking stick cosy competition. They were fantastic and some really carefully thought out designs. Well done Felix an excellent project.

Missibility walking stick covers

I just love the holder for your oyster card on one of the winning sticks.

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