Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A Skirt full of Yarn...............................

Here is my lovely new skirt from Fat face. I love the colours but wanted some accessories and a little shrug to go with it and the tops that I bought (especially as the tops weren't that insiring).
Yarn one.....
A skirt full of yarn
Yarn two...
Skirt full of yarn
Luckily the Saturday was SnB day so I bought yarn one from the lovely Jenny at Fibrespates and yarn two was already in my stash (a little christmas present last year just waiting for a specail occaision).
Yarn one is going to be a little shrug but as I only bought two skeins (100grms each ) but with a reasonable yardage finding a pattern was going to be a bit of a challenge. I couldn't find anything I really liked without the worry of running out of yarn so I have opted to design my own. I have quite enjoyed the little lace pattern that I have been doing on my socks so I have decided to use that. It is repeated over 8sts so quite easy to follow. I knitted up samlples on both 4mm and then 5mm needles. I think a prefer the 5mm sample as the stitches are more open and it has a fairly good drape to it.
4mm sample
5mm sample

With the stashed yarn I only had one skein available...
.....I decided to go for accessories. I thought I might just get a skinny scarf out of the skien if I was lucky. I used the pattern of the misty alpaca site for their Ribs and Ruffles scarf. Click here and you can download the pattern for free from their site. I adapted it and opted for just 13sts.
Here is the finished article which picks up the colours of the skirt rather well I think.

Other yarn also destined for articles of lovelyness to be worn with this skirt....


I do have a few patterns in mind for these.
For the Debbie Bliss - a collinette Banyan pattern
For the alpaca - Chrysalis by Jean Moss and also Cables and Chains Wrap Jacket from Knit on the net.

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