Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Mobieus Cast On Re-visited..............

Yes, I have finally got around to having a another go at the mobieus cast on with my Handmaiden Seasilk. Here is the original state I was in with my 320 stitch cast on. Rather bulky you might think but if you go to my October post you will be sadly disapointed it was all hidden length, I could have skipped with this.

DSC00702 DSC00527

Thank you to Robynn of Purlescence for her patience with me. Helping me cast on again for the third time. I have learned a lot though and this is one cast on where loose really is the order of the day.
So here is the finished article.



Don't you just love those jewelled colours. Perfect with black.
For information though I was only supposed to have cast on 150 sts but as I knitted the second round, that's all the way around the top and the bottom of the mobiues I stopped counting at 450sts. For some reason I seem to quadruple whatever number I cast on. I can understand ending up with double the sts from knitting both sides of the cast on but the rest is a mystery to me. The horror is that means my first attempt had around 1400sts in a round, no wonder it was so long!
I think there is still room to work on the maths with this one.


Robynn said...

Oh it looks just stunning! Love the pseudo-rib effect. And I really can't believe how quickly you finished this. I am *so envious* right now.

Mel said...

I've actully managed two of these out of the one skein.