Sunday, 25 November 2007

Ripple Socks............................

Well I have now nearly completed all three sock patterns in Sandi Rosner's book Not Just More Socks. Having already completed the Tabi socks, twice once in Merino and now in a lovely pink cashmere for a friend, while I am waiting for yarn to complete my Slouch socks I thought I might as well complete the trio.
Pink Tabi and Slouch Socks

I had two lovely skeins for Sheldrige Farm Ultra that I bought at the Socktopus Launch party and decided these would be ideal to make the ripple socks.


I think though I have made a bit of a mistake. I should have kept this lovely yarn for a simpler / plainer pattern as I think both the pattern and the colours get lost in one another. Both are lovely individually, but together they just make me want to vomit - maybe this is why for the first time ever I am suffering from second sock syndrome. Here is the progress so far.....


Actually viewing the pictures here they don't look quite so bad.
The pattern itself is a great one which fits really well, I think more than anything there is a greater amount of red in yarn than at first I had anticpated.

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