Thursday, 21 August 2008

Cumbrian Fibre Adventures..............................

So one week in the Lakes to go and search out anything made of yarn, selling yarn on bearing yarn on its back.
So first off I was denied a trip to Colinette on the way, I was not allowed to venture to the new home of Stash fine Yarns in Chester on our stop over, I was beginning to get the feeling that this trip was not going to be going my way.
However there was a turn for the good early on when on Day 2 I managed to persuade everyone that what we really needed was a trip out to the Alpaca centre. No, I promised it wasn't a yarn shop and I accepted no responsibility what so ever if they had inadvertantly decided to stock a bit of yarn. It was just a short drive away from the beautiful cottage we were staying in and it had a tearoom which reported to have the best coffee in the Lakes (quoted from their promotional leaflet).

We paid our pound each to venture down to see the Alpacas themselves. They really are truly beautiful animals. Did you know you can't just keep one you have to have a minimum of three.




After spending quite a lot of time admiring these beautiful animals we set off back up to the centre to have some refreshments and a little browse around the shop.

I left with a bag of this...........


(Actually two bags but one was for a friend for her birthday so it doesn't count as a purchase.)
Oh and just to clarify it does not count as stash either as it is not yet properly spun into yarn.

I have another photo from this day out but watch the blog later on for this as I will be running a little competition.

Monday was a trip to Trotters World of animals which sadly meant no real yarny goodness for me that day, although the family knowing me well did ask if I wanted to stay in the cafe and knit while they took a little walk up to see the Birds of Prey display, I had to think for a minute, should I go and watch these lovely animals fly in the rain or sit in the warm, comfy cafe with my pot of tea and knit, as you might guess I was really torn and had to think hard, which knitting project should I do while I sat there. I did go up and join them later and take great fun in trying to catch a picture of the Red Panda. No luck there it was too quick for me.

Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to meet up with the lovely Cecilia who invited me to come and join her and try to meet up with Keswick knitters. Unfortunately no Keswick Knitters arrived but I did get to meet Laal Bear (she dyes fabulous yarn) and her partner and the four of us had a lovely evening knitting in a very pleasant cafe, whose name I forgot to note down as Cecilia had been kind enough to pick me up on route. So far knitting wasn't doing too badly on the list of things to do.

Wednesday was a boat trip on Derwent water and I was able to sit and knit for the whole journey which pleased me no end and Thursday was a trip over to the Wool Clip which is part of the co-operative that Cecilia belongs to in the area and we went to visit her in the shop. I will be doing a separate post on this visit. If you are in the vicinity of the Lakes or are even passing by on the M6 close to Penrith it is definately worth the detour to Caldbeck.

Friday was a trip into Penrith to the famous Toffee Shop to buy fudge (no I did get that right) and I had a chance to pop into Inidgo a little yarn boutique in the Devonshire Arcade.


I was very restrained, mainly because I had spent a fair bit in the wool clip the day before but I did get.......


Yes I am going to be knitting a couple of dishcloths I need something to restore my sanity after dreaming about cable pattern repeats in my sleep.

The afternoon was spent up at Osterich World, just outside of Penrith where we met these woolly friends and of course and Osterich or two.....




These guys were just so friendly.



Just look at their lovely fleeces........



Oh and the osterich....


So apart from spending Friday night in Carlisle hospital before venturing home we had a good week. I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff at both Penrith and Carlisle hospitals who looked after us last week.

I also have to mention that I got the chance to go and visit Andy at on the way home and go and see his huge barns of yarn, and fleece and all things yarny. So all in all a good fibery holiday.

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I just love that first pic of the alpacas - they look like they're frolicking! Awwwwww.