Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Have I finally learned my lesson...............

Well you would think I have by now wouldn't you. Yep we are back to the on going saga of the pairs of socks that only end up with one toe while I start a worldwide hunt for more yarn.

It all started off with the Slouch socks in Evolution sunrise


Please ignore disgusting toes this photo was taken pre online pedicure! This was solved with the lovely Alice of socktopus asking the yarn company to dye another batch so I could swap skeins for ones from the original dye batch with a friend of Alice, complicated, I don't like to make things easy.

........then it was Carl's cable socks in the Cherrytree Hill ......


.....they finally ended up a ladies size five having to cut the toe of the first sock, unwind and use the yarn to knit the toe of the second. Not something I want to reapeat. I think this was more frustrating as I did actually weigh the yarn after knitting one sock and had 51grms left, I was blissfully unaware of the 4oz skein!

Oh not forgetting the Karenina version II where at one point I had odd toes..


......and then still not satisfied it was the Jaywalkers in Kasbah........


thanks to Dalesgirl who very kindly agreed to swap her skein of Rainbow that was from the same batch as mine I am now able to go and finish them.


Yes these two are the same colourway but as with all handyed no two are the same but these were particularly far apart in fact the top one missing the pink out all together, it just goes to show you should always read the label...


Anyway, thankfully they are now finished and ready to wear, but will I have learned my lesson? Will I have learned toe up? Who knows? Watch this space.





Anonymous said...

Ha ha! That's so funny that it's happened so many times. I shall now live in fear of the same thing occuring....

I am in love with those rainbow jaywalkers, they're just wonderful! You must feel so happy when you wear them!

yogicknitter said...

You know what I do check every time and its the 4oz skein that scuppers me I just automatically think 100grms - not that I'm a decimal girl at all I was born pre all the metric movement! (We are only talking months before though.)