Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Wool Clip - Cumbrian adventures part two.......

Although I have already blogged about my trip to the Lakes I did want to do a special post all about my trip to the Wool Clip which is the most facinating little shop at Priests Mill, Caldbeck.



So a bit of background information about the Wool Clip.

The Wool Clip is a co-operative founded in 2001 and currently comprising 15 women.
We are an enterprising group of with a diverse range of skills. These include farmers producing wool and mohair, creative textile and fibre artists and spinners, weavers, knitters and dyers.
We have an emphasis on innovation, creativity and colour and operate through a successful retail outlet at Priest's Mill in Caldbeck, Cumbria

(Taken from their website)

They also run a whole host of workshops which are listed on their website. I wish I lived nearer as there are quite a few I would love to sign up for.

I visited on the Thursday as I knew that Cecilia, who I met up with on the Tuesday evening in Keswick would be working that day.

Here are a few pics of what it was like inside the wool clip. I think we spent at least an hour and a half just browsing and chatting. Oh and of course making a few (quite a few) purchases.





Notice the Woolfest bags and T-shirts, well that's because the ladies of the Wool Clip are also organisers of this fantastic fibre fest which takes place at the end of June each year. I am determined to try and get up there next year.

Oh and purchases........ I know some of these have appeared in the blog already but it wouldn't be right not to show you the treasure trove of goodies that can be bought here and some enabling I did for my sister-in-law.


This was the enabling that I did all for knitting scarves.


And for me it was fibre and a book on spinning.....
(Confession there was a little more fibre than this but I haven't owned up to it yet, some more of the mohair in green blue colours and another bag of Merino top in a similar colourway.)


.......oh and a little skein of yarn


......and this weaving kit for a little girls christmas present. She is going to love it.

I was also lucky enough to pick out a gorgeous skein of yarn that my sister-in-law has bought me for my birthday but I have to wait until January for that and unfortunately I don't have a picture to show but it is in My colours and absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately we spent so long in the shop the tearoom was closed by the time we had made all our purchases but that just means we will have to go and visit again. If

If you are up in the North Lakes definately put this on your list of places to visit it is a real aladins cave. Oh and don't expect to come out with your credit card in tact, you just can't help but buy!


Anonymous said...

Oooh I'm going to the Lakes next week! With boys though... I wonder if I can persuade them...

picperfic said...

lovely post, great photos and interesting too. Love the yarns you chose!