Tuesday, 5 August 2008



Yes it's just a few days to go to the start of the Ravleympics 2008 and I will be competing for Teamsocktopus.


So what are the Ravelympics?
Your challenge should you choose to accept it, is to start and finish a project during the 2008 Olympic Summer Games.
Official Start: 8pm Opening Ceremonies, Beijing time
Official End: 11:59 pm, apx. end of Closing Ceremonies, Beijing time

Basically cast on for your chosen event during the opening ceremony and make sure you have completed knitting your item by the end of the closing ceremony. Pictures of your finished item must appear up on the Finishers line thread and your project page on Ravelry. Should be great fun.

What do You Get?

All Ravthletes will get a “I did It! Ravelympic ‘08” badge, or something along those lines. Finishers get a badge for their blog. Medals are presented on the Podium by our fearless leader, Caesar Augustus Bobicus.

Caesar Augustus Bobicus, our Master of Ceremonies of the First International Ravelympic Games, Summer 2008

I will just be competing in one event this year due to wrestling with WIPs.
I shall be taking part in the Baby Dressage.

That will mean knitting up this little fleece artist kit.......



......so that's a hat, sweater and little bootees all to be completed during the period of the games.

So watch this space and see if I get to go up to the Podium.


Ling said...

I'm joining in too!! I'm pretty sure you'll get on the podium - Mrs Speedy Knitter!!

yogicknitter said...

Problem is I have a WIP I am definately wrestling with at the moment. Also I will be away without internet access so won't be able to post when I finish until I return home. :(
Never mind it's all about taking part.

emmms said...

Tagged you! (And good luck with the WIP Wrestling!)