Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dear Jane...........................................

I love this jumper kit that I got for my birthday. I particularly love the quirkyness of the design and the way you knit the whole thing sideways. This was the kit that my children bought me for my birthday recently and I have decided to cast on this weekend as an bit of a relaxing inbetween knit. That is finishing off my last pair of socktopus socks from last year before the end of Feb deadline.


I really like the mix of colours which in someways are very similar to the Nef I have just spun. I seem to be moving into a more aqua/teal and purple phase, slightly out of the pink comfort zone that I generally hang out in.


I also wanted to cast on something new as I have been doing a lot of catching up and finishing off lately. I have a big project coming up soon with a deadline. Once the yarn arrives my own personal projects will have to go on hold. So this weekend is a chance for a bit of carefree knitting.

So how is this sweater knitting up?



Robynn said...

Ooooh I LOVE how that knits up! Aqua/purple is my own colour comfort zone. It makes me very happy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Knitting a sweater as a relaxing in between project - hahaha, I think that only happens in your world ;)

picperfic said...

Love that kit and it is knitting up beautifully! I have that pattern ready for some handspun!