Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Thoroughly spoilt.............................

Well I have just had another birthday come and go and although it is not a significant one this year I have been thoroughly spoilt by both family and friends alike. With my birthday falling on a Sunday we certainly made a weekend of it and went out for a lovely meal at my very favourite restaurant in Chiswick on Saturday night.

On Sunday morning I woke up to unwrap some long awaited presents. I think they originally went on order back in the summer and then sat hidden in the house for a few months until I finally got to open them.

My beautiful Offhand designs Sabrina Bag in Berry Bliss. To accompany it were the matching needle case for my knitpicks interchangeables and a tia clutch for all those little nik naks you like to carry around for serious knitting.





I also had a lovely jumper kit from the children which has a bit of a mobieus twist to it and I am seriously looking forward to casting this on. It may have to wait a little while as I have a few projects on at the moment.



Sunday afternoon was the 'Not quite there yet' get together with a bit of an open house from 3pm with an afternoon cream tea and knitting. Thanks also to Ling, Diane, Vanessa, Robynn, Suki for some beautiful presents - all yarny and knitty related of course and to Alice for the lovely book that arrived with my socktopus parcel this week as she wasn't able to make it, but don't worry we all ate her share of cake.



I also had a lovely fibre parcel arrive from across the big pond from Vancouver from the very much missed Gabrielle. The colours were just gorgeous with three different types of fibre from one of her local indie dyers 'Sweet Georgia'.




I had such a fantastic time and it was so lovely to spend my birthday with friends and to knit so thank you all that came and to those who couldn't make it this time around maybe you will be there to celebrate when I do make it to the big one!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday!
I just started spinning and that blue fibre is fabulous. I shall look forwards to seeing what it becomes!

missmalice said...

glad you had a special day! will def make your big one!! :)