Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sock(topus)Club 2009 has landed......................

Yes this week the new Socktopus sockclub parcel arrived in its lovely shiny wrapper all ready to kick off another year of glorious sock knitting.
I have to say I would like to think that these have been especially designed for me, what with the colours and the name.
Om Shanti socks, just what every Yogicknitter should have. These are going to be perfect for Savasanha at the end of my class each Wednesday and in my perfect colours too.





And note the extra little skein and yes this is because of me that Alice has provided every member with a little extra skein after my first experience with Chameleon Colourworks Evolution yarn a little over a year ago when the first short toe incident occured with the Flamingo sunrise. This resulted in a whole new batch of the colourway having to be dyed. Alice was taking no chances! Thank you this is very much appreciated.

Also note the gorgeous little treats for your feet so they can be fully prepared ready to wear these lovely new socks. These have to be the most gorgeous smelling smellies I have ever had.


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Arianne said...

I am so jealous it's untrue.