Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What I got for Christmas and other knitty goodies......

Can't quite comprehend that christmas has already been and gone and I am only just a week away from my birthday already. So time for a little show and tell of what Santa brought me for being a good knitter this last year.


Yep my very own little Gem spinning wheel from New Zealand via P&M Woolcraft. It is fabulous and I have already spun a few skeins of yarn on it. Yes I know it has a little fibre already on it there when still wrapped but it had to be tested when it was put together so I could just spin away on Christmas day morning.

And out of the packaging.......


And also a few other little goodies.......


This from my sister in law bought at the Woolclip back in the summer.


This beautiful skein of sock yarn from Diane


Top down books from my mother in law


Oh and this one from Santa


And these gorgeous inedible stitch markers from Cameron that he bought at Socktopus shop. They are really beautiful.

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