Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Published pattern designer...........well sort of.

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this before but this appears to be the case.
So two issues back of yarnforward, Issue 11 to be precise.


See this a bit closer..........


I have to say if I had been given a choice I would definately have called this licorice allsort but I guess there must have been trademark issues with that one.

Yes, that is the original scarf sitting right next to the magazine, the one in the picture. The one that is credited to me as my design. I have to be totally fair here I was only expecting a part mention for the design as it was the inspiration of Shannon Okey who said "Can you knit me up a lengthways scarf with this stitch, oh and use anything from your stash, oh and can you have it done and in the post by Monday".... and I did.

So first of all a bit of stash raiding was needed and I came up with this pile


There were quite a few oddments of collinette amongst the pile so I went ahead trying to identify some of the other yarns.......


.......I am afraid some of these remainded unidentified!



Deciding on the order of colours was great fun.


And finally the uber long finished scarf. I have only blogged now as I actually gave this away to a friend yesterday for her birthday and then remembered I had never posted anything about it. She admired it when I first knit it back in January and it only seemed fitting that as she loved it so much she had it.

Seeing the whole thing published in a magazine with my name there got me really excited and I am now plotting a few things for the future, so watch this space.

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