Saturday, 11 April 2009

Surprise Baby..............

No I am not expecting but in the last month three friends did deliver a gorgeous number of babies, well three to be exact, one girl and two boys between them so I have been rather busy in baby garment department. Have taken a short break after organising the Baby Shower blanket for Robynn I also knitted another friend a cable blanket for her impending arrival.

After two blankets and greatly admiring the Baby surprise jacket that Robynn had knitted for Claudia I decided that it was time to have a go myself and see what all the fuss was about. I had a ball of Opal sock yarn sitting waiting to be knitted up so I cast on. I have to confess to needing some initial clarification from some seasoned surprise jacket experts and the very useful cheat sheet but finally I cast off and was left with this!


Ok so I already knew I was only going to be sewing up the top of the arms so I did have a bit of a head start when it came to folding it up into a jacket but I still found the whole process fascinating.


So here is the final garment folded into baby wear. Here the buttons have not yet been attached. I did manage to get some little white ones with blue teddies printed on them. I really want to have another go at one of these this time thinking about changing colours and putting edgings in. If you haven't had a go at one of these it is really worth it just to see how the whole thing works. However did EZ know that this would actually make a garment when it was finished.

Oh and a few quick pics of the cable blanket...............



...and blocked


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