Sunday, 22 March 2009

A day with Cookie A (or socks have SUCKAGE)....

I had been so excited about this since Alice first posted the classes on Ravelry just over a month ago. A whole day designing socks with the sock guru herself. This was going to be one of the best Mothers' Day presents ever! I certainly wasn't disapointed.

So there was new vocabulary to be learned......SUCKAGE apparently not a technical term the publishers of Cookie's new book would allow in. But suckage totally made sense to us knitters sat there with pens paused and holding on every word.


SUCAKAGE - the amount of stitches that are sucked in and therefore lost when including cables in your pattern. A 2x2 cable causes a two stitch suckage for each repeat.

We also got to fondle lots of socks including the original Monkeys! (Confession I was wearing mine under my boots!)


Can you spot the monkey?

We spent lots of time discussing selecting stitch patterns, your optimum number of stitches in a sock to fit yourself, ribbing and bringing it into the pattern and charting stitch patterns. After all that it was dive into the stitch pattern books and we were off.


Ok so there were also some breaks for lovely cakes. Ali did some lovely muffins in the morning and Arianne brought some fantastic Bittersweetie goodies for the afternoon.

Then it was hard at work.




And then it was time for the group photo to make special personalised bookplates


Of course Jen was here for the class so Wolly came too!


Thank you Alice for organising such an awesome day and to Cookie A for coming to join us. Good luck with the book launch, I am sure it will go brilliantly and when ever someone mentions SUCKAGE I will always think of you!


noraknits said...

looks like a fab day! can't believe there is only 3mnths, 3days 'til Peru!

Mel said...

I know time is flying by. Need to start doing some serious reading up and thinking about what I need to take. Oh and searching for any potential yarn or fibre purchasing oportunities.

Ling said...

Thanks for the photos. I can't believe my camera wasn't charged!