Friday, 6 March 2009

A year full of socks..............................

So I thought as the year comes to an end for the first inaugral Socktopus Sock Club it would be a good idea to do a photocall and round up of all the socks that were knitted for it this time around.


Here they are in all their glory in order from left to right.
Karenina, Neighbourhood tunnels, Mosaic, Fiori di Zucca, Hopscotch and Tear my sole.

Not to mention all the goodies that came along with them too.

So what did I learn from being in a my first ever sock club.

1) I will do anything for a badge.
2) Sock knitters are amongst some of the most lovely people in the world.
3) Alice has the patience of a Saint.
4) I do not like orange
6) Yellow is not so bad a colour when mixed with purple
7) Magic loop
8) Toe up
9) To read charts (not so much learned but making progress or in teacher speak - working towards)
10) I can do deadlines but mostly by the skin of my teeth
11) I love getting suprises through the post
12) I really can do stuff if I put my mind to it and have some patience
13) I don't think I can ever leave this sock club as I would find it too stressful to be left out of what everyone else is doing.

And if I had to choose a favourite design this year. Difficult, you see Karenina are the only ones I have knit two pairs of, Hopscotch are my favourite colour yarn, Fiori's I learned the most from. Impossible. I have to look at the whole thing as I collective really. Thank you Alice for a fantastic year of socks. Here is to next years round up.

Note: I have already missed the deadline which for the first pair of socks for the new sockclub. Maybe I should stike number 10 off the list.


Robynn said...

Help - pic is too wide! Make smaller or crop into two?

Kate Q said...

Love the photo, makes me more excited about the rest of this years club. (Also makes me want to buy all of the patterns and yarns and have a mini sock club 08 of my own!)

missmalice said...

Love the photo!!!

And looking at all those socks - you are a knitter extraordinaire my dear. And you need more badges! Queen Bee that you are!