Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Fiorri du Zucca or Cucumber socks.....................

It has been a long journey but I have finally got there.

After recieving this package back in the summer I initially had delays getting started because of other deadlines. I think it was finally August when I got started and then came to a rather abrupt halt when I realised I was struggling too much with four needles when the pattern would work much better on magic loop.

At that point I hadn't knit using magic loop. I was also finding the whole lace chart reading a new and exhausting experience. They got put to one side as the September Hopscotch socks arrived, which was a good thing as these forced me to learn magic loop and toe up adding to my skill set to go back to the other later.

I then made a little more progress by switching to the circular and finishing as far as the end of the first cuff/leg and then came to another halt at the heel cup. Alice had used a new type of heel construction I hadn't come across before and combined with having to apply that to the lace chart I again put them to one side.

The last package of the year arrived and I was determined to get them done clear of the deadline so I could get back onto the Fiori socks. So with Tear my soles dashed off over New Year I now had to get the Fiori finished there were no other excuses around to distract me and I had that wonderful carrot of completeing all the socks to get my badge and I wasn't going to let these beat me.

So it was off to several evenings at Socktopus shop for help guiding me through and a few phonecalls to the socktopus sockclub helpline (Alice while in the shop) to get me through.

And yes I finally made it before the end of year deadline.
Here are my finished socks which will always be known affectionatly by me as my Cucumber socks (well they are in the courgette family).



I knew by this stage once I got past the heel it was down the straight home with the reward of only having to follow the chart on one side of the needle. I had finally got into the rythmn of the pattern, but it had been a long time coming.



These socks will always be worn with special pride as I know how much I had to learn to complete them.

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Anonymous said...

And very pretty they are too! What a lovely colour.