Thursday, 16 April 2009

Results of fibre club installment one...........

I seem to have been a little behind with things all year so far and fibre club wasn't an exception. Arriving back at the start of February I thought it was time I actually got it out of the packet and spun it rather than stroke it and put it back.

The first installment was some Polworth fibre which had come all the way from Australia and had been dyed in a lovely combination of browns with just a hint of pink.


I think the name Jackaroo is just perfect. I sat with my little fibre digestive and read through all the information on the fibre and then the tutorial from the talented Diane Mulholland. So I did as I was told and split up my fibre into four equal parts as evenly as I could, marking each of the ends with clips so that I knew which way I had spun my fibre from.



Apparently knowing which end I had spun from was important so that I could ply the gradients of the colour together. (I have to say this didn't happen in the end as I wasn't brave enough to do the breaking and the spit splicing.)


I got to use my new Niddy Noddy (which was ordered for my birthday and finally arrived at the start of March!)


I am sure hardened spinners will point out here that I have forgotten to put a coin in when I photograph the yarn. I don't get that bit!



Anyway it appears I have managed to spin up a thickish fourply which is going to make some gloves for Carl when he is standing out watching the rugby in the autumn term. I love the way the colours have blended together, even though I didn't quite manage the gradients suggested by Diane but I am really happy with the outcome of my yarn and can't wait for the arrival of the next parcel which I know will be very soon.


Katie said...

Very pretty.

Ling said...

I think you've done very well with your SOFA fibre. It looks great. Can't wait to see it knitted up.

Heather said...

Your are so multi talented!!!
The yarn looks gorgeous and I look forward to seeing a photo or two of the finished gloves ;o)